Thursday, December 22, 2011

all i want for christmas...

so the other day, i was asked (for a video blog) what i wanted for christmas. i jokingly said the bag in my favorites and then i honestly had to think for a minute because there really isn't anything that i could ask for. i mean, i was kind of dreading this christmas, knowing it would be the first one i've spent alone in 7 years, but i've realized how loved i really am, even if i'm not in a relationship. 

i came home today to my clean apartment, complete with my small blue and bronze tabletop tree adorned with the little presents i bought myself for christmas. when i walked in the door, i was greeted by my little tiger cat as i listened to my dad talk on the phone about those who are less fortunate and how he'd wanted to do more this christmas for them. i frowned when i realized that i had not volunteered at opportunity village as i had planned, but the thought crossed my mind to tell him to donate my christmas money to the needy.

when we got off the phone, i sat on the floor with pebbles and looked around and realized how much i really have to be grateful for. i get to spread happiness to people every day at a job where i'm truly cared about and i've come a long way since the days when i was laid off and barely making ends meet for a short period of time. i realized how lucky i am to have all of the things that make my life so comfortable.

i looked at the presents on the table and smiled, excited for the recipients to open them. there are some really special people in my life and i don't think that anything i could write here could ever convey how much of an impact they've had on me, but i thought i'd try anyway...

to pua, who has taught me so much in the last few months and has opened my eyes to things i have never seen before. she has helped me stay grounded and has helped me to understand myself in ways i never thought i could. i know that some big changes are coming and i know that i would have never been able to see them and understand them this clearly without her help.

to andre, who truly is my favorite person in the whole world, or 'todo el mundo' as i say. i'm so glad we became fast friends and have had so much in common, including being such huge rebel fans. my mornings aren't complete without our multiple high fives. he has been such a huge mentor to me, but has been so much more. he has literally been a shoulder to cry on and truly one of my best friends and, for that, i am grateful.

to my snake kandis, who has made me laugh harder than anyone i've ever met. she never knew how much i needed that laughter that day with the sneaky snake jokes, but it really made an impact on me. who would have thought that life would bring us together when we needed each other. i'm so glad it did and am lucky to have her friendship and to have been trained by her for rdesk.

to lauren who has such great insight and has had the most productive talks with me, both about work and relationships. i really enjoy our lunches and girls nites out with my brown eyed girl.

to mikal and michelle who have been probably the biggest mentors of my life. i've learned more from them about my progression, myself, and life in general than i could have hoped from work family. thank you for believing in me and helping me to succeed. it is my goal in life to be even half the leaders you are. and michelle is honestly one of the most amazingly inspiring people i have ever met.

to brandon, vr, and mookie who are honestly the coolest desk neighbors i could ask for. sitting in between them has made for some very ridiculous conversations about cupcakes, south park references, and a bunch of other dumb stuff that makes me the happiest at work i've ever been. also to scavooz who is the light of the rdesk with all of the positivity and perspective he brings. his words are always in the back of my mind. i'm really lucky to have such an amazing team of rdeskers that i get to work with every day. (even john mckay who rips on hello kitty and tells me that i've gained weight >:/ haha. just kidding. i really do love the crap out of him.)

anyway, all i really wanted for christmas is to be happy and to feel loved and i'd say that my stockings are definitely overflowing with both. thank you to everyone who has given me the gift of happiness this year for christmas <3


  1. This was so beautiful that I made my daughter read it! I'm glad that love and happiness is surrounding you! You so much deserve it! <3 you mucho!

  2. awww! so sweet! i'm glad it touched you! merry christmas to you and your family micaela <3